Who is Natália Marinho?

My name is Natália Marinho. Born and raised in Teresina, Piauí, Brazil, in 1991.

I have lived in Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba and currently live in Lisbon, Portugal.

I was born and raised among threads, fabrics and needles, but it was only in 2020 that I actually discovered the free embroidery technique. Passionate about high relief, daisies and affectionate calligraphy, I seek to deliver a piece of myself in my works, taking sensitivity and delicacy as a form of expression as a starting point.

I own the brand Meio Fio Atelier (@meiofioatelier), which has become a teaching space, where I offer an exclusive subscription to help other artists' ventures, as well as courses and embroidery patterns. Indeed, another world.

I developed an original technique for performing Ponto Cheio with Alto Relevo and, with the purpose of helping the work of other artists, I launched a course at Hotmart teaching my technique, which today has more than 500 students spread across Brazil and the world .

For many years, I dedicated myself to personalized projects and, at the end of 2023, after completing the course and feeling the need for new challenges, I decided to rescue a desire kept in my heart. With that, I started the occasional exhibitions of my original works at Galeria Meio Fio.

I consider myself a sensitive person and I try to bring my perspective on the world to my work.

I look for connection and I believe that everything you do with your heart is already predestined to belong to someone. I consider myself an artist, artisan and embroiderer, with multiple interests, including in very different areas, but which all lead to feeling and contemplation through the art of handmade.

Galeria Meio Fio is an invitation to contemplate sensitivity and delicacy through hand embroidery. With specific collections, each piece displayed in the Gallery is a unique, exclusive, numbered and limited work of textile art. They represent a tangible piece of beauty and sensitivity that I want to share with the world.

I'm happy to share this other side of me with you. :)