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Natália Marinho

Born in Teresina, Piauí, Brazil, in 1991, she currently lives in Curitiba, Paraná. ── ''A sensitive look at the world.''

  • Suzana Carvalho

    An authentic piece of textile art. What incredible work! Speechless with so much care, from the packaging to the piece itself. What a joy to receive a piece from you, seriously! Finding it beautiful is not enough.

  • Virginia Nunes

    Nat, I just received my order, it was everything I expected, what a thrill to have your work here at home. Your work is beautiful, your delivery is full and your whimsy is charming. Congratulations and thank you for providing delicacy in everything you do.

  • Natasha Souza

    I didn't buy an embroidery and receive it for him... I received it as a gift, a jewel, with such care for details and perfection (I expected nothing less) but still you always surprise me with your attention to the smallest details, refined with great taste !